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Aug 24, 2013 11:00am PDT
-time instead. president obama admits there is more work to do, but is his signature achievement, obamacare, partly to blame? >> more companies have said because of this law they'll have to shift full-time workers to part-time. >> reporter: team retailer now the latest company demoting some full-time workers to part-time not because of obamacare, it's just good business. the teamsters sending a letter to world leaders saying they could destroy the foundation of the 40-hour work week that is the backbone of america middle class. a middle class in trouble with 14,000 other americans forced to take part-time gigs since march. whatever the reason, the numbers don't lie. is america becoming a nation of part-timers? those are the numbers, but let's get personal. dolly martinez works two part-time jobs. she hasn't been able to find a full-time position since she graduated from college in 2009. >> i usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:30, and then, of course, i would head over to the coffee shop first. that's usually an 8:00 to 2:00 shift. and then, of course, i would have like a 10-minut
Aug 31, 2013 11:00am PDT
him by members of congress in recent days saying, what happened to candidate obama? president obama in the white house is doing something very different. so the president making this decision today is at least making himself consistent in this regard back in 2007, wolf. >> but he's taking a huge chance right now that he could be embarrassed by the house of representatives, maybe even the senate, if they vote against authorization. let's bring in dana bash, our chief congressional correspondent. first of all, dana, is there any indication that congress will come back next week, come back early? because they're scheduled to come back monday, september 9. >> reporter: the short answer is yes, it is possible, and that is information that i was just getting from sources on the democratic side of the senate, of course, democrats run the senate, that they are considering bringing back the senate before the scheduled return date, which is september 9. nothing has been decided yet. the house side, which of course is run by republicans, i was just in touch with a member of the republican lead
Aug 3, 2013 11:00am PDT
second term wraps up the end of january. so who will obama pick out to replace him. we talk about the big name battle. >> reporter: it is the guessing game in washington this summer. will it be janet yellin or larry summers to fill in one of the most important jobs? the battle of the next federal chairman has been intense and highly unusual. >> in the old days, if you campaigned for it or people on your behalf campaigned for it, it looked bad. this whisper campaign on behalf of yellin and summers is really new in washington. >> reporter: democrats sent a letter to president obama urging him to pick yellin. but summers has people in higher places, too. bob rubin is reported until his corner. one thing is certain. bernanke's shoes will be big ones to fill. washingtonians loves the billion dolla -- money he pumps into it each month. >> she's been at bernanke's side for the past two years as vice chair. >> reporter: as second in command, yellin has deep respect inside the federal reserve. she's no stranger to politics, serving as vice chairman of the advisers under the president. summers,
Aug 25, 2013 12:00pm PDT
time. president obama doesn't think that boycotting the games is a good idea. he put a positive spin on the controver controversy. >> one of the things i'm really looking forward to is maybe gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze, which i think would go a long way in rejecting the kind of attitudes that were -- we're seeing there. >> what do you think? >> if they don't get out in front of this, if they don't put out the statements that bob referred to, if they don't -- should they pull their money? >> i think they should threat on the pull their money. ultimately it's going to be -- you're going to have to see. if there are mass i've demonstrations, if people are being arrested, if potentially athletes are being arrested, being associated with the olympics is not going to look like such a good deal. i mean, this law outlaws any kind of speech. so even if you wear a rainbow pin or if you hold hands with another athlete, are you going to be arrested in russia? that is is not the kind of thing corporate sponsors want to be associated with. if you're running a c
Aug 31, 2013 6:30am PDT
fly. >>> we are back at the top of the hour, but up next, president obama offers a warning on the use of chemical weapons, so now is the red line blurred by red ink? "your money" starts now. >> i am christine romans, and this is "your money." the president has drawn a red line, and there is undeniable evidence syria crossed pb line, but is that red line clouded by red ink? the u.s. is a nation of tired after 12 years of fighting, more than 8,000 coalition deaths in iraq and afghanistan, and 50,000 wounded and the most expensive wars ever, $1.4 trillion spent, and the biggest bills have not yet come due. a harvard study finds the final price tag will be 4 to $6 trillion, and that's after the long-term costs, and considering who is taken into account. so much blood and treasure spilled in afghanistan, and how does the shadow of wars cloud the president's ability to act in syria? >> i think if he does decide to strike, a decision to take precision, limited strikes, and beyond that it will inform his choice as they have made clear to make sure that this is a narrow and contained action an
Aug 4, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: some democrats sent a letter to president obama urging him to pick yellen but summers has supporters in high places, too. tim geithner and bob reuben are both reportedly in his corner. one thing is certain. bernanke's shoes will be big ones to fill. wall street loves the tens of billions of stimulus he pumps into the economy each month. summers is skeptical and yellen is believed to be in favor. >> yellen is seen as continuity with bernanke. she's been at bernanke's side for the past two years as the vice chair. they coordinate policy together. >> reporter: yellen has deep respect inside the federal reserve. she is no stranger to politics, servesing a chairman of the white house economic council of advisers under bill clinton. while not as well-known on the international stage, she would be the first woman to lead the fed. summers on the other hand is a world renowned economics superstar. he was director of the national economic council under president obama and a former treasury secretary under president clinton and part of the team that "time" magazine called the committ
Aug 3, 2013 6:30am PDT
? president obama, warren buffett, donald trump? guess what? none of the above. find out the answer on a new "your money." >>> first, the backlash against russia and the new anti-gay laws. could gay athletes be prosecuted there. hear about one athletes plans to participate out and proud in those games. that's coming right up cnn in the "newsroom." >>> 21 embassies and consul lats is a lot. this is really sending a message we're under serious threat. >> americans be on alert. that's the warning from the u.s. government as they plan a massive embassy shutdown and issue a worldwide travel alert. >>> our presence in russia will do nothing but help fight this law. >> a new law targeting gays in russia sparks confusion and fear as that country prepares to host the winter olympics. now, some american athletes are taking
Aug 26, 2013 11:00am PDT
year. obamas experts are going with only a one-year extension. it expires at the end of 2013. we all know if they're going to renew it. we need money here in this state and from the federal government so are they really going to continue to do this tax forgiveness. i'm encouraging my clients were thinking of getting out close out a short sale by the end of the year because that's what we know the tax forgiveness is in place. >> now going through a foreclosure process you may have a lien on your property or judgments. how does that play into getting a loan modification. >> it still can be done. a lot of realtors shy away from people who have tax lanes. --orleans0--leans. home owners should realize all of these orleans a negotiable you have to jus off to get rid of it. attorneys are working with realtors to get these are lean to clear off the property. we will work with you so that when you go to a short sale of the property there is not all these hindrances to doing that. any debt that you have on the property think of it as it is manageable and take the time to evaluate can you get a
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)